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the dita von teese fan community JOIN!!!

The Dita Von Teese Community

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7 Dita Icons [Friday 03.04.11___ 04:07pm]

Dragon Age 2: 30
Comics (Batwoman, Wonder Woman, Velocity, Lady Mechanika, Birds of Prey, & Gotham City Sirens): 21
Other Fandoms (Fable 3, Hark a vagrant,  Mass Effect 2, Dita, Pushing Daises, Robert Toth, SW, & Salt): 30

Total icons: 81

que sera, sera @ thefloralia
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New Dita icons! [Monday 01.10.11___ 05:59pm]

1) Dita von Teese
2) Lady Gaga
3) River Phoenix
4) Megan Fox
5) Divine
6) Nicole Kidman

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

More here @ bradentastic
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Avril Lavigne [Tuesday 07.20.10___ 01:15am]

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Dita at Life Ball [Sunday 07.18.10___ 04:17pm]

A few pics of Dita at the Life Ball ^^
Her dress is beautiful! And she looks stunning- as usual!
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Dita von Teese [Friday 07.16.10___ 10:43pm]

[ mood | thirsty ]

*Dita von Teese {42} + {42} = 84

Click and see more... :)

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Interactive Dita, Oh my [Friday 07.09.10___ 08:51am]

Looky what she posted on her twitter..
I don't care what she is plugging, I just <3 it's interactive
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Dita von Teese [Friday 06.11.10___ 03:00pm]

*Dita von Teese {42}
Click and see more... :)

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[Saturday 06.05.10___ 01:44pm]

Mass effect: 42
Comics: 39
Other: 15
Total:: 96

not a fake cut.
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I gotta find him [Wednesday 05.19.10___ 11:45am]

[ mood | crushed ]

Alice au pays des merveilles x 16
Dita Von Teese x 10
Juliet Landau x 4
Rosario Dawson x 7
Taylor Kitsch x 35
Megan Fox x 8
Evan  Rachel Wood x 7
Alexander Skarsgard x 14
Bann x 4





I gotta have him like the air I breatheCollapse )


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so.. [Wednesday 05.05.10___ 12:39am]

I was on a dita kick.. and thought I would share..
I was on Secret in Lace, Dita collection.. And happily realized that if you was to see "alternate views" of the stockings with Dita posing, you get more amazing pics of Dita... looking rather fine..

Choose one of the 3 stockings, worn by dita of course, and click on the pink box under her main pic that says "View Alternate Images".. and well enjoy ;)
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[Monday 05.03.10___ 06:11am]


57 Dita Von Teese icons @ my journal. (NSFW)
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Поздравляю Королеву Фриков !!!! [Tuesday 04.13.10___ 01:01pm]

Вчера был день рожденья у моей любимой Фриды ! frida_bergstrem 

Желаю ей быть такой же фееричной, сексуальной и сводить с ума своей андрогинностью !!!!

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I'm getting closer to the end of the line [Sunday 02.07.10___ 07:07pm]




more here
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Фрик дива фрида. Альтернативный взгляд на фотографию. [Wednesday 01.20.10___ 07:12pm]


Чудная девочка, креативное существо с огромным обаянием. Обожаю её фотосессии.

Фрида frida_bergstrem 
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SuicideGirls Interview Dita Von Teese [Tuesday 01.12.10___ 02:54pm]


SuicideGirls have just posted an extensive new interview with Dita Von Teese.

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Touching you makes me die inside [Friday 12.18.09___ 11:33am]

VARIOUS ICONS Dita Von teese x 16 Taylor Kitsch x 11 James Hetfield x 12 Justin Chambers x 1 Miranda Kerr x 2 Megan Fox x 9 TEASER      More here
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dita interview- xposted [Tuesday 11.17.09___ 02:39pm]

Dita Von Teese talks to The Daily Beast about her sexy new flipbooks, why America can’t handle her moves, and the secrets of old-school burlesque.

America may have just lost burlesque superstar Dita Von Teese to Paris. The 37-year-old Michigan-born performer (née Heather Sweet) finished a run at Paris’ Crazy Horse and has purchased an apartment there (it’s also the home of boyfriend Count Louis Marie de Castelbajac). LA’s “mini skirts and UGG boots” style and permanent sunshine are part of what drove Von Teese to take flight, so she can “fall back in love with LA.”

She says she believes Europe gets her and her art in a way that some in her native country don’t. “Some people really think that all I do is wear red lipstick and dress in vintage clothes and cruise around,” said Von Teese while in Beijing, where she recently performed for a GQ China event. “In France and the U.K., they can show what I do on TV. The Jay Lenos of Europe all have me on. In America they’re obsessed with pop stars and maybe they’re a little bit afraid of having me on there because they think what I’m talking about and what I’m doing is too risqué.”
it's a pretty long articleCollapse )

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11 Dita Von Teese Wonderbra Icons [Monday 10.19.09___ 09:42am]


clickCollapse )
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[Saturday 10.17.09___ 09:52pm]

+sailor moon
+dita von teese

the rest are here.
please comment and credit!:)
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some dita news-- xposted [Saturday 10.10.09___ 05:27pm]

Dita Von Teese & her hot boyfriend Louis Marie de Castelbajac attending a dinner honoring Francesco Clemente & Terence Koh

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
more photos, magazine article & dita's new bookCollapse )

omg I need more photos of the count. he is so cute

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